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Holiday Request Form

Attendance at School

Once a child is accepted at Hill Top they are required to attend every day unless there is a specific valid reason.  All absences are classed as either “authorised” or “unauthorised” 

Authorised absences cover such things as illness and religious observance.

The Governing Body have delegated to the Headteacher the power to authorise absence requests but only in very exceptional circumstances – please note that these do not include holiday leave. These requests may only be authorised provided that the child’s attendance is above 95%. It is then at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Please note that all children’s progress is monitored on an annual basis that may involve prescribed assessment tests. This is particularly so for Years 1,2, 4 and 6 when all the children take SATs or external assessments. It is vitally important that they attend during this period. We would not expect to authorise absences during this period for anything other than illness. Please consult Mr Martin for these dates.

In all cases of absence the school must be informed either by a telephone call or by note to the teacher.

All unauthorised absences have to be reported to the Education Social Work Service and are recorded against your child’s attendance.


In the unlikely event of you and your child taking a holiday during term time, you must fill in a Holiday Request Form which is available by clicking here. The holiday is highly unlikely to be authorised and unfortunately if you choose to take the holiday, you could be fined.