At Hill Top CE Primary School, we understand the importance and impact that science has in every aspect of our daily lives.  Our aim is to deliver enjoyable and ‘hand-on’ science lessons in order to build children’s curiosity and enthusiasm of this core subject. See our full intent statement below:

Intent Statement 

We realise that learning has been disrupted by Covid-19 and have planned recap and revise units into our curriculum for the next two- three years to ensure that pupils learning is secure and that there aren't gaps in pupils understanding. See our long term plan and amendments below:

Long Term Plan

Science is an exciting, practical subject, which opens the door to many  STEM careers. During our science week pupils engaged in exciting Science projects and competitions. A farm came to visit and took over our school playing fields. Our pupils watched demonstrations and were given practical challenges by professionals from the NHS and Huddersfield university. 

We have also had a visit from 'Mad Science' and children across school watched demonstrations and made their own slime.

Science week.