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With technology becoming an increasingly import aspect of everyday life, it is important that our pupils are taught how to use technology safely both at school and at home. Our students follow the SMART rules which help them to remember key aspects of internet safety.

S stands for Safe - keep safe by never giving out personal details. Pupils are encouraged to create avatars or screen names when on line that do not allow people to see their full name. They are also warned about the dangers about giving people information about where they are , either by including details about where they are going or giving information away through photographs showing addresses, school logos etc..

M stands for Meeting - our pupils are discouraged from meeting anybody they have met or communicated with on line. You don't know who you are talking to when you communicate on line. Anybody could copy and post a photo and pretend to be somebody different. 

A stands for Accept- our pupils are warned about the dangers of accepting or opening emails or pop ups that look suspicious as they may contain viruses.

R stands for reliable. - Pupils are taught to approach everything they see on line with an open mind. Just because information is on line it doesn't mean that it is true. Our older pupils are taught how to compare a range of sources and discuss the validity of information.

T stands for tell - pupils are taught about cyber bullying and encouraged to tell a trusted adult about anything they encounter on line that makes them feel uncomfortable. 


As parents, you need to be mindful of how your child is using technology to communicate . There are various parental control settings that you can use on home broadband systems, you can filter information and block inappropriate content, you an also monitor what your child is doing in a range of ways. More importantly you need to be aware of the dangers and keep an eye on what your child is doing. It is not a good idea to let your child spend time alone in their room on technology. 


 Dangers on line - click the red links below to see a selection of e - safety videos:


Jigsaw - the dangers of posting information on line

On line grooming and how to report abuse.

I thought I knew, - how to report inappropriate behaviour on line

 Sexting - what are the dangers and what can you do about it?


 Parent information sheets and web links:


Safeguarding your child on line.

A parents fact sheet..

Web link to NSPCC e safety page  

Web link to Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency 


  click the icon to report on line abuse or problems  to  the police.

Click the icon above to report abuse or other internet safety issues to the police.