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Maths Passports



The school follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum in Maths. There is a balance of approach between working mentally and making appropriate recordings with pencil and paper. Children are encouraged to explore patterns and relationships and to explain their reasoning using mathematical language.  Within the class, pupils are grouped according to ability. The instant recall of number facts such as multiplication tables and number bonds is encouraged.

Children in all classes are working on their Numeracy Passports which parents are encouraged to support at home.  This is a very personalised way of learning as the children are challenged in the passport that is appropriate for the level they are working at. They progress at their own speed onto the next stage. Within each class, children could be working on several different continents.

Children are regularly assessed. Only when they have achieved all of the targets of one continent's passport do they move on to the next.

We would also ask parents to make the most of any ‘real life’ maths experiences at home, e.g. working out the cost of catalogue items, savings on sale items, expected change to be received in shops, checking till receipts, weighing in cooking, measuring for household jobs.


Below you will find details of each passport with objectives, practice sheets and links to online resources. Each child in school will start with the passport for Europe and work towards Jupiter. Please be aware that not all children will complete all of the passports whilst at Hill Top.

And please ask the class teacher for information about which passport your child is working towards.