Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At Hill Top, we aim to provide ALL our children with an engaging, diverse and purposeful curriculum that inspires, motivates, challenges and excites them. We believe that providing our pupils with key experiences will enhance their learning and personal development, helping them become successful, confident learners.

Each year group has a vibrant curriculum that provides our children with the opportunity to learn about a variety of exciting topics. We have carefully thought about the needs of the children in our school and have planned a series of themes that will provide excellent learning opportunities where our children can develop essential skills, enjoy real-life experiences and make good progress through gaining and applying knowledge.

It is our intention to provide our children with a variety of first-hand experiences. Each topic has a clear ‘hook / experience’ and culminates in an end point that is purposeful. In addition, we ensure that our children have a stimulating classroom environment that motivates and enhances their ability to learn.

Our school curriculum provides the best opportunity for all our children to thrive. It is fully inclusive and has many cross-curricular threads. We are committed to ensuring that our children receive a curriculum that they can be proud of. We want all children to enjoy their time here and move on with confidence, equipped with fundamental skills that will support them in the next stage of their education.

The curriculum at Key Stage One and Two consists of planned experiences in school and out. Outcomes are designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and develop the skills needed for learning and for life. Our vibrant and rich curriculum is designed so that the subject specific skills are taught within a cross-curricular theme each term. In order to ensure that progression and balance is maintained, the programs of study are then developed into medium term plans which clearly highlight the learning objectives, assessment opportunities, with differentiated tasks as well as links to other subjects.

These topics are designed with the end in mind, working towards a final project, show or community event. We are continually developing better ways of assessing children’s needs and measuring impact on progress and attainment and, as such, teaching is carefully tailored to meet the needs of all the children. We review the curriculum annually, with all stakeholders, to ensure that it continues to drive high standards and expectations for all learners, all of the time.