Class 2

Welcome to our Class 2 page. Our class teacher is Mrs. McKee and working with her are Mrs. Lupton and Mr Goulson.  Here you will find all the information you need, in order to help your make child progress, by supporting the learning that goes on in class and also giving you a window into what they are doing through the year.



We are often asked whether there are any books which we can recommend for pupils. The website: shows lots of good choices for individual year groups. We are using the 'Pathways' teaching approach from The Literacy Company, which provides a scaffold for children to base their own writing. It also ensures that they are exposed to a range of quality texts as they make they way through school.




As a school, we follow the White Rose Math's schemes of learning; please find the overview for the year below, it will help you support your child in knowing what concepts are taught throughout Year 2.



Another useful website is The School Run, as it contains information on what we teach and how we teach it:



Here you'll find our topic web, as well as our 'subject on a page' or SOAP documents, which are designed to help with vocabulary and concepts, related to our topics through the term.



Science Animals


Living things and their habitats

Everyday Materials



Bonfire Night

Who lived in a house like this?

Great Fire of London



How and why do people pray?

How can we look after our planet?

How is new life welcomed?

What did Jesus teach and how did he live?How can we make good choices?



Topic Webs

Topic Web summer 1

Topic web Autumn 1

Topic Web spring 2

Topic Web spring 1

 Topic web Summer 2