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What is the Cost of Living Crisis?

It is a difficult time for everybody right now. The rising cost of everything, from groceries to utilities, is making it difficult to make ends meet. This is being referred to as a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. This does not mean that you have to be in crisis to be struggling, and it is affecting all of us, not just the lowest earners.

Take a look at the Cost of Living support that Bradford Council have put together, there might be something there that helps you get through it and keep checking back, they’ll be adding new content regularly.


We are pleased to be able to once again offer face to face parent/teachers consultations this term. The focus of these consultations will be about how your child is progressing as well as their general well-being. You will be able to book a time slot by logging onto the following website –

Please see guidance leaflet below for instructions on how to make a booking. Booking opens at 9am Friday 7th October. Please ensure when you book, you book under the correct title and name of the first named contact for your child. The email that you submit when booking should also be the one that we have recorded on our system, as previously provided by you.