INTENT - Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?

At Hill Top CE Primary School, we understand the importance and impact that science has in every aspect of our daily lives.  Our aim is to deliver enjoyable and ‘hands on’ science lessons in order to build children’s curiosity and enthusiasm of this core subject. We strive:

  • To develop scientific knowledge delivered through all the scientific topics within the national curriculum that link to other areas of learning and our Pathways English curriculum.
  • To understand where this knowledge fits within everyday life.
  • To help develop skills through the ‘working scientifically’ strand of the curriculum.

As the children move through the school, they will be able to apply learned skills to an investigation situation with increased confidence.

IMPLEMENTATION - What do we teach? What does this look like?

Teachers will create a positive attitude to science within their classrooms.  Practical ‘hands on’ learning and first hand observations are the key to developing interest and understanding within the ‘working scientifically’ strands and include:-

  • Pattern seeking
  • Observation over time
  • Classifying and grouping
  • Undertaking comparative and fair testing
  • Researching using secondary sources

These skills are embedded into lessons and develop and build on from previous years’ learning.  As the children’s knowledge and understanding increases they become more independent when carrying out investigations and interpreting data.

Children will gain an understanding of the work of scientists. They will learn to appreciate that a prediction does not have to be correct and it is important to approach tasks in a careful way to prove or disprove their hypotheses.  They may also need to repeat investigations several times and reflect on how areas maybe improved.  They will begin to understand how scientists often take many years to complete an area of study and need to be sure that there is sufficient evidence to validate their research.

Other skills included in science sessions:

  • Scientific vocabulary – related to the topic being covered
  • Group work/pair work- opportunity to listen to other children’s thoughts and ideas and respond appropriately.
  • Presenting work/data in a variety of ways, tables, graphs, classification keys and verbal presentation
  • Studying leading scientists for example Jane Goodall in year 5 and Charles Darwin in year 6
  • Outdoor learning within our school grounds which may include visits to our ponds, woodland habitats and wild flower meadow.
  • Links to the local chemical plant- Solenis - in year 5 where the children understand how science plays a vital role in our everyday life.
  • Environmental issues are discussed relating to changing habitats and other issues raised in the media.

IMPACT - What do we want to happen?

The children at Hill Top have a love of science because of the fun, engaging and high-quality science lessons that provide them with the foundations for understanding the world.  This knowledge will inspire our children to study for a future profession within the ever changing scientific community.

Long Term Plans

Our long term plan for science allows pupils to build upon prior learning and develop their understanding of science across a range of strands. Pupils start off exploring their environment in the early years where they are encouraged to ask questions, test ideas, investigate and make sense of the world facilitated by indoor and outdoor provision.

In Key Stage 1, pupils continue exploring the world around them making careful observations, they learn to measure and test ideas. They start to develop the idea of the need to work scientifically and carry out fair tests.

Throughout Key Stage 2, pupils are encouraged to develop their investigation skills and record their ideas in increasing detail, taking more accurate measurements and become more independent in carrying out and recording their own investigations.

Equally, pupils scientific knowledge is developed progressively within topics which link to other areas of the curriculum where possible and build on prior learning as pupils progress across school. We use the 'Plan' skills and knowledge progression guidance to ensure teachers know what has been taught previously and know where pupils will be heading in their next learning journey.

At Hill Top CE Primary School, we understand the importance and impact that Science has in every aspect of our lives.  Our aim is to build on children's natural curiosity, deliver enjoyable and ‘hands-on’ Science lessons and encourage enthusiasm in this core subject creating scientists for the future.

We are blessed with amazing school grounds, which provide a wealth of outdoor learning opportunities. We are continually looking for opportunities to develop and use this resource to enhance pupils learning. Our children in year 3 took part in a challenge to improve our grounds by creating a wild flower meadow. They took part in cross curricular Meadowsong project and learned how to encourage the survival of a range of native plants, insects and bees through song, drama and poetry.  They raised funds, designed and planted their own Wildflower Meadow. Our year 3 children made their own movie to explain their project and show you how they raised the funds needed to buy plants and seeds.

Science is an exciting, practical subject, which opens the door to many  STEM careers. We have close links with Solenis - a global supplier of specialty chemicals produced locally. Our older pupils visit their laboratories.They get to see the work of scientists and learn about the products they create can improve our quality of life. They have opportunities to work as scientists in their laboratory where they can take part in a range of exciting challenges and carry out experiments. 

During our science week pupils engaged in exciting Science projects and competitions. A farm came to visit and took over our school playing fields. Our pupils watched demonstrations and were given practical challenges by professionals from the NHS and Huddersfield university.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to inspire our pupils. We enhance the curriculum with visits to and from a range of outside providers including Zoolab and 'Mad Science' . Children across school watched and took part in amazing science workshops and demonstrations, getting to meet amazing and unusual creatures and watch and take part in 'wow' demonstrations.