Welcome to our Nursery page. Our class teacher is Mrs Binns and working with her are Mrs Brotherhead and Miss Jackson.  Here you will find all the information you need to help your make child progress, by supporting the learning that goes on in class and also giving you a window into what they are doing through the year.


What can I do to support my child moving into Nursery?

To get your child ready for Nursery they need to be attempting to put their own coat and shoes on independently. Please ensure that after the age of 1 your child should not have a dummy unless used at nap time. If a child is allowed to speak while having a dummy in their mouth it affects their teeth and their ability to speak. Make sure you are actively potty training your child from the age of 2 and a half. Encourage your child to speak and name objects that they see on their travels. 



We are often asked whether there are any books which we can recommend for pupils. The website: shows lots of good choices for individual year groups. We are using the 'Pathways' teaching approach from The Literacy Company, which provides a scaffold for children to base their own writing. It also ensures that they are exposed to a range of quality texts as they make their way through school. Nursery adapt and add their own books and to the Pathways scheme due to multiple intakes in the year.




In Nursery we focus on Phase 1 Phonics using the Monster Phonics Foundation Scheme. We adapt the plans and deliver them on a one to one basis. This allows the adult to make an informed decision if the child has understood the activity. If children struggle Aspects are repeated until they are secure and ready to move on. We put activities into provision that support the phonics learning and enhance the objectives.



In Nursery we focus on learning and being exposed to numbers from 0 to 5. To do this we use Numberblocks and the NCETM lessons on learning what makes a number. We use the Numberblocks series 1 to support the teaching of numbers 1 to 5.

Numberblocks – Series 1 | NCETM


We concentrate on numbers 0 to 5 to ensured that children know the numbers inside and out. We have a heavy focus on repeating patterns, and also look at identifying 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Alongside this we aim to introduce various mathematical language (more than, less than, small, medium and large, full, half full, empty etc…) .

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